ASU’s Date Palm Arboretum


Date Fruit Bunches at the ASU Arboretum

Date Fruit Bunches at the ASU Arboretum

Omega Phi Alpha (National Service Sorority) at the ASU Date Palm grove on the Polytechnic campus

Omega Phi Alpha (National Service Sorority) at the ASU Date Palm grove on the Polytechnic campus


D.P.D. Ltd is proud to be a supporter of the Arboretum at Arizona State University, helping to ensure that the rare varieties that it holds continue to be available to growers worldwide. ASU has the largest date palm collection of any public garden in the USA with more than 40 date palm varieties, including varieties descended from offshoots imported over 100 years ago, as well as specially bred domestic varieties, including varieties such as Black Sphinx, which are uniquely native to Arizona.

Arizona State University’s campus date palms produce around 3,500-4,500 pounds of dates each fall on two different campuses. They give away free samples of dates at campus events so that thousands of students, staff and the public can taste and appreciate the many different varieties of dates.

The programme runs throughout the calendar year. From February through to March, 80-100 volunteers, students and ASU horticulture classes learn how to pollinate the Date Palms. A further 75 volunteers bag the date bunches in June, July and August. Every September between 30 and 60 Changemaker Central Polytechnic volunteer students de-thorn, trim and clean up the palms for harvest. Harvesting time is in October and about 300 volunteers help with the entire process and fruit sales. Ishkashitaa Refugee Network volunteers travel up from Tucson and glean all the dates that they didn’t have time to bag, which totals around 1,500-2,000 pounds. Throughout the year they build up around 1,500 volunteer hours on both the Poly grove and Tempe campus.

For more information about the Arboretum please visit:

DPD at the GFIA 2017 Exhibition



Atul Logo transparent


DPD is very excited to be attending the GFIA exhibition in Abu Dhabi on the 20th and 21st March 2017. The exhibition will provide a great opportunity for DPD to explore the latest sustainable innovations for horticulturalists and growers, as the development of our new greenhouse facility gets underway. DPD will be exploring key technological developments in areas such as irrigation, building management and LED lighting systems. The exhibition will also give DPD the opportunity to meet and connect with many growers, large and small, in the exhibition’s dedicated “Sustainable Date Palm Technology Zone”.

DPD is pleased to be able to share this opportunity with representatives from its parent company, Atul Ltd. DPD will also be sharing it’s stand at the exhibition with longstanding customer Green Coast Nurseries of Fujairah, who will be kindly providing some sample Date Palm plants. The forum, which was launched in 2014, is one of the largest of its kind, with thousands of companies from all over the world in attendance. The exhibition also provides a focus on the bigger picture by presenting speakers who will explore wider issues such as worldwide food security, energy solutions and sustainable agriculture practices.

DPD visits Phoenix, Arizona


Many thanks to Scott Frische and his colleagues from the Phoenix, Arizona Date Palm Appreciation Society for their generous help in making possible a fantastic trip to see the important Date Palm Variety collection(s) of Phoenix, Arizona. With the assistance of local date palm expert Scott Frische, DPD are looking to expand the range of varieties it produces to ensure that these varieties continue to be available to growers worldwide.

The tissue culture process requires regular initiations of new starter material to ensure the continuous production of quality plants. DPD only use high quality offshoot material, DNA fingerprinted to confirm variety and specially selected from well managed traditional collections for our tissue culture process.

Visiting a variety of plantations around Phoenix including at the Arizona State University (ASU), we were shown both historic palms descended from offshoots imported over 100 years ago and new varieties which have been specially bred in the US.

The ASU grove is the 2nd largest collection of varieties in US featuring over 40 date palm cultivars originating from Morocco, Algeria, Iraq and many other countries. These include major commercial varieties such as Medjool, Deglet Noor and Barhee and many less common, but equally high quality varieties like Halawi, Khadrawy and Zahidi. As housing development has impacted upon many of the traditional date palm plantations in the Phoenix area, the ASU collection has provided an increasingly important home for many rare varieties.

A wide selection of varieties including cultivars favoured for their Khalal fruit were identified and sampled for further testing and DPD hope to begin the importation and propagation process soon.

DPD would like to thank everyone who helped make this trip so successful, most notably Scott Frische, Ron Palmer,. Deborah Thirkhill, James Badman and ASU.

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DPD welcome UK government visitors

DPD Date Palm tissue culture laboratory

DPD staff group photo

DPD were honoured to be visited by a host of important guests on the 12th May 2016. British Deputy High Commissioner for Ahmedabad Geoff Wain, UK Trade & Investment Specialist John Moss, Local Councillor Nigel Woollcombe-Adams and Company Directors Bharathy Mohanan, Ajitsingh Batra and Shailesh Pandya from DPD’s parent company Atul Ltd, India were all in attendance.

Guests were invited to DPD to look at our present operations and discuss potential opportunities for expansion. After being shown a presentation on our company history and current operations, our visitors were given a tour of our laboratory and glasshouse facilities.

Of particular interest was the relationship between DPD and Atul and UK trade with India. DPD have been supplying plants to Atul since 2011, assisting them in their ‘Greening the Desert’ program being undertaken in Rajasthan and Gujarat States.

With a growing market demand and an increasing number of countries planting date palms, the general consensus was that DPD staff should continue with their excellent work in supplying the world with Date Palms and look at ways to expand our date palm production to ensure we are capable of meeting the increasing global demand.

DPD now on Facebook

DPD have recently joined Facebook. For all the latest updates, photos and news on DPD, visit our brand new Facebook page using the address below or clicking on the photo.

Article on DPD published in The National Newspaper, UAE

DPD were recently visited by journalist Daniel Bardsley of the National Newspaper, UAE. Click on the links below to read his articles on us and learn about how we developed into one of the largest suppliers of tissue cultured Date Palm plants into the U.A.E.

Green Coast Nurseries celebrate being awarded the Khalifa International Date Palm Award 2013.

DPD were delighted to be able to support Green Coast Nurseries when they received the prestigious Khalifa International Date Palm Award 2013, at the Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi. In a lavish ceremony, Green Coast Nurseries were honoured for their services to the date palm community, and DPD were proud to be able to share this moment with our longstanding nursery partner.

DPD staff enjoy a fantastic visit to ATUL’s Date Palm projects in India

ATUL Date Palm Nursery


Members of staff from DPD have recently returned from a visit to their parent company, ATUL Ltd., in India.

On what was a memorable visit, we were treated to a guided tour around the brand new laboratory and nursery facilities at the ATUL Rajasthan Project. Created by a joint venture between ATUL and the Rajasthan government in Jodhpur, DPD staff were highly impressed by the commitment and enthusiasm of all involved with the project.

We went onto visit ATUL’s nursery at the ATUL main campus in Gujarat. This is where we were able to see DPD plants, which had been shipped directly from the UK, growing on for sale to India’s farmers. Our primary hardened plants are replanted and grown to the 1-2 pinnate leaf stage in the nursery, ready for farmers to plant. We were very impressed by the comprehensive pre and after sales service offered by ATUL to local customers, which included field preparation assistance, planting advice and classroom instruction, conducted by well qualified engineers.

The modern and well managed facilities at both sites were a tribute to the commitment ATUL are undertaking with their date palm projects in India.

We would like to thank everyone who made us feel so welcome in India and pass on our congratulations to all the staff involved for the fantastic work currently being undertaken at ATUL.

DPD attend Salon International des Dattes du Maroc, Erfoud 8-10th November 2012

Date Exhibition Erfoud, Morocco

 DPD have recently returned from their first ever participation at the 3rd Salon International des Dattes du Maroc in Erfoud, Morocco. In partnership with ATUL Ltd, DPD had an exhibition stand at the event to display the different projects that DPD and ATUL currently have and to promote awareness of date palm production in the UK and India. In what was a very successful exhibition, DPD would like to thank everyone who helped organise the event and all the people that made us feel so welcome in Morocco. We give special thanks to ANDZOA, who gave us the opportunity to participate and ensured all our needs were catered for beyond our expectations. We hope that we will be able to return for next year’s exhibition and continue to grow DPD’s reputation across Morocco.

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