D.P.D. Ltd. currently has a wide selection of Date Palm varieties available. By applying rigorous quality control criteria to all stages of our production process we ensure our plants are true-to-type, disease-free and of the highest quality.

Our plants are grown in an environment free of all the major Date Palm pests and diseases and are rigorously examined prior to shipment to ensure that they satisfy each importing country’s specific plant health regulations.

All plants supplied from our UK greenhouses are primary hardened. We recommend that these plants receive a period of secondary hardening in sheltered nursery conditions prior to field planting at the 2-3 pinnate leaf stage. Depending on the variety and local conditions this can be achieved typically in 6-9 months.

Plants are expertly prepared and packed for secure air-shipment to the customer’s designated airport of choice. Plants and shipping documents are prepared to the requirements of the importing country’s authorities. We are experienced in shipping all across the World.


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