Micro-propagation of Date Palm plants has many advantages over traditional propagation techniques. Using our unique system, the tissue culture plants produced are pest and disease free, true-to-type, elite varieties. Plants are available throughout the year with a range of early, middle and late fruiting varieties produced. We can offer plants in large numbers, securely and sensibly packaged for ease of handling. Tissue culture plants have a high establishment rate in the field and their uniformity enables efficient and economical plantation management.


Source Material

To ensure the identity and character of its plants, all of DPD’s production material originates from offshoots that have been carefully selected from known sources.
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The laboratory and growth rooms are purpose built and managed to an equivalent of European Standard ISO 14644-1 Class 5 for clean rooms.
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As the UK is not a natural date growing area, our plants grow in the protected environment of our heated greenhouses all year round.
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All plants despatched from D.P.D. Ltd.’s greenhouse in the UK, will have been subjected to rigorous quality control and selection processes.
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