D.P.D. Ltd. (Date Palm Developments) is the market leader for production of Date Palm plants by Tissue Culture. Pioneers in the field, D.P.D. Ltd. has over 30 years of experience in the production of disease-free, true-to-type micro-propagated Date Palm plants. Using our unique system, we produce Date Palms of the highest quality available on the market today and have successfully supplied over 1.8 million of these plants to more than 25 countries across the Date-growing world.

As the uses of Date Palm now extend beyond traditional fruit production, Date Palms are becoming a valued part of projects to combat desertification, for bio-remediation and reclamation, for green landscaping and may even have potential for bio-fuel production. The tolerance to high soil salinity and the ability to thrive in high temperatures makes the Date Palm a highly valued and versatile plant. We produce the highest quality plants so that our customers can ensure the success of their Date Palm project.


About Us

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