Date:February 07, 2012


The laboratory and growth rooms are purpose built and managed to an equivalent of European Standard ISO 14644-1 Class 5 for clean rooms. D.P.D. Ltd. uses a mixed system based on direct adventitious regeneration from organized tissues. Great care and attention is given to tissue selection and rejection, with culture lines being regularly replaced and not forced. All aspects of the culture system and environment are carefully managed to enable maximum confidence in the stability and integrity of each product line. Strict quality control and rigorous screening processes prior to and during all stages of production enable DPD’s unique system to be successful at producing true-to-type, disease-free, elite varieties of Date Palm.

Modern laboratory facilities.

Material sourced from mother trees of proven health, character and provenance.

Highly trained and experienced staff.

Carefull handling and selection of plant tissue.

Stable growing environment.

High quality plants produced.

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