Date:February 07, 2012


All plants despatched from D.P.D. Ltd.’s greenhouse in the UK, will have been subjected to rigorous quality control and selection processes. All clone lines will have been DNA fingerprinted to confirm variety and will come from source materials that have been disease-indexed for phyto-plasma (e.g. Lethal Yellowing, Al Wijam), viroids (e.g. Cadang Cadang) and electron microscope-detectable viruses. They are inspected and certified as free from all significant pests and diseases by the United Kingdom FERA plant health authorities before being expertly packaged for airfreight delivery direct to the customer’s airport of choice.

Plants are carefully selected and carefully prepared to a customer’s order from our large stock of available varieties.


Plants are supplied with a minimum of 20cm shoot length and a minimum of 3 juvenile leaves.

FERA phytosanitary inspection to confirm plants are pest and disease-free for despatch.

Plants are pre-treated and packed into custom-made boxes to ensure they are well protected during transport.

Plants securely packed on to pallets for airfreight distribution.

Expert and efficient freight scheduling and handling by our freight-forwarding associates with full export documentation.

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