Date:February 07, 2012


The UK is not a natural date growing area as a result of our low temperatures all year round. All our plants are therefore grown in the protective environment of a heated greenhouse. A benefit of this is that our Date Palms are isolated from any of the serious pests and diseases that affect traditional date-growing areas. The greenhouse provides facilities for planting, weaning, growing, grading, packing and despatching our Date Palm plants and holds over 275,000 plants at various stages of development.

Capacity for over 275,000 plants in a protected, disease-free environment.

Specialist high humidity environment for initial hardening of plants from the laboratory growth rooms.

Highly experienced and
trained staff.

Plants spend 12-18 months growing in our UK greenhouse.

in vitro plants ready for weaning
in the greenhouse.

Finished plants ready for despatch.

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